Acts of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) terrorism are four new risks that the European public has to take into consideration. With the possibility of these different forms of weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) being used in acts of terrorism, an urgent need has arisen to prevent and combat their use. The use of any of the four types of CBRN weapons in acts of terrorism could open the door to the possibility of destabilization of the European Union, and lead to undermining its economic stability, public security and social integrity. An additional problem is the constant threat of explosives, especially home-made devices, which can be used by themselves or as a release mechanism for CBRN agents.

Consequently, the aim of our project is the creation of CBRN-E Defence postgraduate studies that, upon completion, will entitle graduates as ‘CBRN Security Manager’. We have already created a multidisciplinary team of experienced specialists representing various disciplines, ready to share their experience and professional knowledge of dealing with CBRN threats.

Studies will last 12 months and will be conducted using a non-stationary model (six meetings of 4-12 days each). After a positive outcome for the basic training, participants will be able to choose a specialization, and their choice of specialization will determine the subject of their diploma dissertation. The course culminates in a theoretical and a practical final exam, after which the students will receive their diploma. This will be certified by the University of Lodz. All of the costs of the students’ participation, including travel and accommodation, will be covered from project funding.

Successful implementation of this educational project could significantly improve the anti-terrorist capacity of EU Member States, due to the inclusion of highly specialized personnel (such as incident commanders) on its staff. These professionals will have both the theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary not only for crisis management in cases of CBRN-E terrorist acts, but also in early detection of CBRN-E risks. Additionally, as graduates, CBRN security managers will strengthen the human capital of the EU at different levels of action response.